Music Promo (Silver Package)

Music Promo (Silver Package)


Music Promo:
Are you tired of getting ripped off with Music Promo? Are you looking for real results? You found the right place. We promote your track(s) to our network. Our network only works with artists in the genre of Rap/Hip Hop and R&B. Promotion is done through advertising music with paid promos on social media and youtube and contacting our music network. Instead of focusing hard on playlist placement music, we decided to push music straight to the audience. With this approach, we are able to help with streams on all major platforms. Spotify normally gets the most attention because of how they promote artist music. In this process, we will be creating content that should catch the eyes of potential fans. Please pay attention to the analytics, this information will help to determine how and who to market to next time.


This is a 100% guaranteed music promotion service 


Our network includes the following:

  • Curators with active listeners looking for new music on their playlist
  • Music enthusiasts such as promoters, bloggers, radio personalities, DJs, music reviewers, A&Rs, and other supporting artists


Playlist Placement:

I personally contact curators and promo companies to verify that the streams are organic and if the track fits their playlists.


(Typically your track(s) stay on the playlist for 30 days but sometimes longer depending on the curator's discretion) 



The average estimate of streams from past performances 50k-75k between all platforms. No guaranteed amount streams due to the discretion of listeners. The goal is to attract more fans that will follower your music. 


DISCLAIMER: Buying streams, saves, and monthly listeners are against Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Youtube, and Amazon Music's terms and conditions and could get your account banned. We do not sell streams, saves, or monthly listeners. We offer real exposure to our growing network to help organically build a fanbase that could increase the chances of getting the attention of more Spotify curators and music career opportunities.


The majority of the funds are being invested in promotions. You might be aware already that the music biz is all about how many ways people can get paid. Unfortunately, there are companies out there taking money unethically. NOT US. Everyone we work with delivers organic results.

Price Options
Silver Package
$180.00monthly/ 3 months